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David Dubnitskiy – Color Stories Presets Collection

Download free David Dubnitskiy Color Stories Presets Collection David Dubnitskiy - Color Stories Presets Collection
David Dubnitskiy - Color Stories Presets Collection 9
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Download free David Dubnitskiy – Color Stories Presets Collection

What all This Hype Around Colors?

If you want your viewers, clients, or fans to feel comfortable with your artwork, it’s best to get your colors right from the get-go.

Because the right color carries its own message, it communicates the mood, the timeframe, and, most importantly, emotions. In other words, color is what ties everything together in your photos.

Color is both the science and the art behind beautiful photos

Why Color Stories Presets Stay in the Minds of Your Audience?

The right colors in your photos will evoke emotions in your viewers, and the right feelings will make them remember and admire your work.

Hi, everyone! My name is David Dubnitskiy. I designed this collection of presets with one key idea to help you choose the right color combinations that tell inspiring visual photo stories.

I’m known for my visual storytelling and in-depth understanding of how colors make my audience feel. How each color’s properties inspire eye movement, drawing viewers in, from one element to the next.

What’s Included in Your new Color Stories Presets Collection?

There are over 100 color solutions that you can start with. I say start because I truly believe that you’ll want to make them your own once you discover their power.

By changing a few settings in Lightroom, you’ll be on the right path to your style.


This bundle contains Soft, Bokeh, Blur, and Light aesthetic qualities. Sweet Presets are tints of color’s hues mixed with white that carry an airy feel. Try them with your portrait or scenic nature photography.


This pack comes with Youthful, Feminine, and Romantic color potentials. Alone at Home Presets can transcend time with their calm and inviting shades. Try them for your indoor compositions and visual storytelling.


Summer is my favorite time of year. You’ll find many beautiful color solutions in this bundle based on the interplay of light and glare with nature’s elements. These are Playful, Natural, and Mysterious at the same time. 


Unlike most black and white presets you’ll come across, this pack is based on Clean, Innocent, and Sensual qualities of lights and shadows. These are universal.

You can use this pack for every photography genre.


This is my favorite bundle of presets because it’s a product of my imagination that won me the recognition and respect in the world of photography I humbly enjoy today. The best advice I can give you is Make Them Your Own. For me, these are Edgy and Passionate color solution.


What type of software do I need to use David’s Presets?

Color Stories Presets are designed for Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw versions 6.0 and up.

What if I have technical questions or questions about the Presets?

Your experience is supported by the Irbis Media team that is always available to answer any of your questions. Please send them over through our helpdesk.

My colors are not as nice as yours what did I do wrong?

Although we tried to make the presets as universal as possible, sometimes the results need to be tweaked in Lightroom to your liking. The presets do most of the job for you by setting up the parameters and tone for future improvement. Art is subjective, so don’t hesitate to adjust and add your vision to the final look.

I am new to presets and color correction. Will I be able to use these them?

There are several lessons on how to install and use Color Stories Presets. They are quick to understand, easy to use, and don’t require any special photo editing skills. Presets are a great place to start when you explore colors. 

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